C2 Audio 12" Threatcon-2 v.2

C2 Audio 12" Threatcon-2 v.2
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* Impedance:

The New Threatcon-2 v.2 12" Woofer is setting a new standard for Subwoofers. These woofers feature a 2" 4 layer High Temp Voice Coil, Double Stacked Magnets, High Current Tinsel Leads, Nomex Spider Pack, Foam surround and Lots of X-Max!
Coming Soon (2-27-2015)
12" Threatcon-2 v.2 Subwoofer
500 Watts RMS
Dual 4 Ohm
2" Copper 4 Layer High Temp Voice Coil
Double Stacked Magnet
High Current Tinsel Leads
Nomex Ultra Excursion Spider Pack
Dual Stitched Non Pressed Paper Cone
Ultra Flex Foam Surround
T/S Parameters
12" Threatcon-2 v.2 Dual 4 Ohm
FS: 39.028 Hz
VAS: 34.165 L
QES: .708
QMS: 5.061
QTS: .621
BL: 10.076
MMS: 183.120 g
SENS: 86.5 dB
XMAX: 15mm One Way by 70% BL
Enclosure Recommendations:
Sealed: 1.0 - 1.25 ft^3
Ported: 1.5 - 2.0 ft^3 @ 35hz
Woofer Dimensions
EXT DIA: 12 1/4"
CUT OUT DIA: 11 1/8"

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